Online Blackjack Rewards – Comps, Perks, & Blackjack Gifts

Online Blackjack Rewards – Comps, Perks, & Blackjack Gifts

Since we always try to give our avid readers the most up-to-date information on everything having to do with online casinos and loyalty rewards, our staff has prepared this short FAQ page when it comes to playing blackjack for real money. It will answer many of the most common questions that we receive by email like where to get the most casino freebies, which loyalty program is best for blackjack, and how to earn extra perks as well. Do online casinos really give things away to blackjack players?

Rarely does a day pass where one of our staff members doesn’t receive something in the mail from an online casino; a T-shirt, a new watch, an MP3 player, or even some type of free vacation. You would be surprised at how much online casinos give away just to say thank you to their everyday members. How do I get free comps and perks playing blackjack online? This is one of the most common questions that we get asked and it is also one of the easiest ones to answer- if you want to start receiving freebies, ask for them! Places like Rome Casino and WinPalace have boxes full of cool stuff sitting around their offices and they are more than happy to mail them out to you. Just give a call to customer service or send an email…then free stuff will be arriving shortly.

Of course, if you’re a VIP member at Rome Casino or WinPalace then you don’t even have to ask. They automatically ship out giveaways to loyal customers every month and some of the items are fairly valuable as well. Who gives away the best blackjack gifts? This is a tough question to answer because online casinos are constantly buying new promotional stuff and shipping it out almost immediately. Overall, we’d probably have to say that Rome Casino offers the best blackjack gifts but we’d also recommend that you at least make an initial deposit and get on the mailing lists of Win Palace, Rushmore Online,, Bet365, Pure Vegas, 7Red, Cherry Red, and Slots Oasis as well. Are there other perks for online blackjack players? Definitely! Our favorite blackjack perk is playing in exclusive tournaments that are hosted around the world, and the cool part is that the major online casinos pick up all of the airfare costs and lodging as well. All you need to do is earn some loyalty points in their VIP programs and make sure that you have a valid passport.

Other cool perks that our staff really appreciates from online casinos are free vacations, worldwide shopping assistance (for hotels, event tickets, restaurants, etc), exclusive promotional invites, and of course tons of free cash. How do I receive free money from playing online blackjack? There are actually two ways to earn free money rewards in online gaming establishments like Casino Titan. The first and easiest method comes from deposit bonuses; this is like free money that you get to gamble with anytime you want! There are several restrictions on cashing out deposit bonuses and it’s not guaranteed that you’ll earn every penny of the bonus every time though.

The biggest blackjack perk comes from monthly bonus checks, however, and this is money that you can spend any way you want. It is only available to top level VIP’s so it takes a little bit of work to earn it, but once you do then that free cash will be deposited into your player account for the rest of your life! Once you have the money in hand, you’re free to bet with it, transfer it to your banking account, or just about anything else you can imagine. Casino Titan’s top VIP clients take home about $12,000 each in free monthly incentive money, while the lower tiers get to bank around $200- $3000.

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