Slots Online Games

Slots Online Games

Have you heard about the guy, who turned 3 bucks into 38 million dollars playing a slot machine? This happened in 2003 and till today it’s the biggest payout ever in the history of slot machine jackpots.

I’ve browsed web-sites for tips and strategies of winning slot jackpots, and found NONE. Some say it is your luck, some say it is necessary to choose the right slot machine. The latter is impossible, when you play slots online, but it is more tempting as slots online games are always available with only a small bet.

Each online casino offers free slots online or slots online game for real money along with games like blackjack, poker or craps. Free slots are just for fun, and I can say that they lack that excitement and thrill that real slot machines give us. Many free slots online are produced thematically, making the process of pulling the handle and spinning more entertaining. At present to play slots online you do not have to download any software. Many online slots are flash or Java-powered.

Back to the story with epic slot win, I gave up searching for guides and started to play. Online bets are always small. Besides it I hate letting the game go. I want to implement my skills; that’s why I choose poker. Besides it, slots online does not provide any jackpots, so I could forget about tons of money or just go to the nearest casino.

Since I abandoned slots games, I switched to the other online casino games, leaving picturesque and noisy slot machines to my relatives. For those who still would like to play slots, I make up a short list of the biggest wins ever: Megabucks slot machines helped 92- and 71-year-old Mr. Sherwin and Mrs. Nishimura become millionaires just in a second. Go ahead and pull the handle!

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